Talent Development

As we observed, over the years training as a concept had been through serious metamorphosis. Recently, the emphasis is more on development, talent development to be precise as opposed to just going through the motion of training because the boss says so. Today, organizations large and small recognize that to maintain or grow an organization capable of adapting through major changes (such as pandemics, terrorism, succession — either hostile and planned, market downturn, and other great change) they have to have an adaptive workforce skills strategy in place. Not just because they have to comply with the regulations, not just because there are shortage of skills, but because they need their existing employees to be ready to act accordingly and positively to major disruptions.

At the heart of PGN HR's instructional systems design framework is ADDIE. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Our training curriculum is delivered with one objective in mind, to put into effect talent development.

PGN HR's workforce education and development programs are designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. We focus our training on employee's career goals that are in synchrony with our clients' organizational goals, and engaging employees. We assist in creating pathways for top performers and prepare them for professional career opportunities.

Our Focus
  • Foundational Office Applications (Microsoft Applications, Adobe Applications)
  • Advanced Office Applications
  • Supervisory and Managerial Skills Development
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Book-keeping and Financial Reporting
  • Business Technology
  • Team Building
  • Human Resource Management
  • Compensation Study
  • Performance Management for Managers and Supervisors
How can PGN HR assist us in determining our skills and knowledge baseline?

Through our due diligence process, our experts will identify the skills and knowledge that are already present in the organization. We use group interviews (web or onsite), one-on-one interviews (web or onsite), and our online questionnaire. Once we established your employees' skills and knowledge baseline, we design a solution that encourages and motivates employees to keep on and complete the training through AI-enabled technologies.

How can PGN HR help my employees maintain motivation to complete their development?

PGN HR uses a dashboard technology that can be configured by employees, lets employees choose their own pace within a certain period of time, and allow employees the necessary visibility to know their own progress and preferences. We issue badges of recognition, and announce reasons to celebrate. Based on our experience, this technique works. It drives engagement and encourages employee ownership.

How can we justify all this and tie the talent development program with our business goals?

A well trained and prepared employees are always battle-ready. Skills and knowledge that you developed for your employees now will allow the same employees to step up to the plate, ready to be promoted, ready for succession, and ready to interact with customers and clients. A workforce with skills necessary for your industry will allow your organizations execute business strategies, retain top performers, and meet your organizational goals.

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