An excellent team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will be assigned to serve you. Along with your project team, we will perform due diligence and decide on a definite project execution plan to accomplish the objectives of your initiatives. In this page, we summarize our qualifications, hold forth on our apt capabilities and how we are relevant to your mission.

Elena C. Mason, MBA, CCP, SPHR

Chief Executive Officer, Principal Consultant

Experience and Education: 25+ years of experience in public and private sectors. Elena is the founder of Prudential Global Network. She provides her expertise in job classification, compensation study, internal equity analysis and personality type testing using the MBTI instruments. Elena authored several articles. The industries closest to her heart include maritime, institutions of higher education, children's hospitals (health care), and local governments. Elena holds a Master in Business Administration from The University of Hong Kong.

Uniqueness: Elena is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), SPHR, MBTI License to Administer MBTI Personality Tests, QMS Auditor (ISO9001:2000) Registered under RABQSA International. Certification #109773.

Shirlyn Orbase, MBA

Senior Consultant

Experience and Education: 20+ Years in aviation industry and public transportation. Shirlyn provides sound financial guidance for positive organizational change. She provides operational strategy for long-range planning. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Troy University in Alabama.

Uniqueness: Shirlyn brings to the table, her knowledge and skills for creating astute analysis of full value chain. Her past leadership positions (as Chief Financial Officer) have prepared her professionally to take on consulting work and provide her expertise to multiple client organizations.

James Fleming, PhD

Senior Consultant

Experience and Education: 40+ Years in institutions of higher education as professor of Cognitive Psychology. Jim has authored many peer-reviewed journals about cognitive development. He is instrumental in the development of our job classification method — the foundation of which is cognitive psychology. Jim holds a PhD in Psychological Measurement, Evaluation and Quantitative Methods – University of California, Berkeley.

Uniqueness: Jim's ability to advice on matters involving employee engagement and motivation is second to none. His analytical skills,  traits and abilities allow us to observe, research and interpret a human resource issue and develop solutions.

Ellen Switkes, PhD

Senior Consultant

Experience and Education: 40+ Years providing consulting as well as practicing human capital and policy development work. Ellen's industry experience is varied. From institutions of higher education, where she had been in an educator and an administrator capacity. Ellen is a former Vice President for Academic Success for the entire University of California Systems. Ellen holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Goodyear Fellow and NIH Graduate Fellow. Ellen works with us on projects involving faculty compensation studies and faculty pay-for-performance program development efforts.

Uniqueness: Ellen continues to work as faculty emeritus as well as principal investigator on advisory level for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The initiative in which Ellen had been involved with, is the Global Health Program.

Joyce Howell, MSc, PHR

Senior Consultant

Experience and Education: 30+ years of experience in private sector, healthcare industry, law enforcement, and local governments. Expertise in compensation and compliance strategy. Joyce holds a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources from Tennessee University.

Uniqueness: Joyce brings to the table her knowledge and skills in job classification and compensation study for law enforcement, healthcare, and higher education institutions employee groups.

Kirstin McStravick, MSc

Talent Development and Intervention Consultant

Experience and Education: 25+ years of experience in private sector, and institutions of higher education . Expertise in curriculum development, training delivery and instruction, and intervention programs for performance management efforts. Kirstin holds a Master of Science Degree in Education with Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University.

Uniqueness: Kirstin brings with her to the table her knowledge and skills in office instruction. Her specialty is technology training. Her talent development skills and knowledge are invaluable; specifically for career planning and performance improvement measures.

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