Pre-hire MBTI Test

The character of the organization is its personality. Its personality is manifested by its culture. Every team, every group, every task force created for specific organizational mission is dictated by the organization's culture — which, eventually accepts or rejects all outcomes. PGN HR possesses a large inventory of personality types through years of research involving hundreds of companies throughout the world. We provide personality type assessment using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the purpose of hiring candidates that best fit the organization's culture. Our system also provides insights into the personality of employees prior to project team inclusion.

Personnel Selection — Choosing the Right Person for the Job

For many years, our consultants have been providing personality assessments to organizations, to differentiate the right candidate from the pool of applicants. Because organizations confront critical decisions on which success or failure hinge, our services in assessing personality as indicators of job success is sought after by public sector and to some extent the private sector.

Our inventory of personality data forms the standard and normative reference for the type of industry, business, and job. For nearly 20 years, we have been updating our inventory and standards on a yearly basis. We use the results to provide interpretation of survey responses and to predict the likelihood of a new employee succeeding in the workplace given the existing organizational culture.

The industries and businesses in our inventory consists of the following:

PrivateConsumer ProductsManufacturing
PublicState GovernmentMedical Board
PublicLocal GovernmentMunicipality
PublicLocal GovernmentLaw Enforcement

Insights From The Front Line

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