2021-2022 CSN Faculty Compensation Study

Professors and Instructors

Please be advised that the "Years of Experience" or YOE calculation utilized in this study began with the hire date at CSN. We considered and accounted faculty's prior YOE by looking at the faculty's placement in the schedule (such as the current grade and step) where it is understood that prior YOE are honored.

The utility of YOE in this juncture is synonymous to years of service at CSN.

Librarians, Counselors, Chairs

Definition of Terms

Years of Experience (YOE)For the purpose of internal equity adjustments, PGN HR calculated YOE from the date of hire. This is with the understanding that at the time of hire, appropriate credit for past years of experience has already been considered in the initial placement.

This is synonymous to Years of Service at CSN.
Years in Position (YIP)The number of years spent in the same position. Either by tenureship, promotion, demotion, or transfer.

This is calculated from the date of position change either by promotion, tenure, or by demotion.
CohortThe grouping method we used for faculty, based on Years in Position or YIP.
Range PenetrationIs the measure of the salary’s location within the range of a pay grade.
Compa-Ratio or Comparative RatioIs the comparison of individual salary against the pay grade’s average.
This can also be a comparison of individual salary against the average salary of a cohort.

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