Job Classification

Viewed through the lens of work complexity level and adult cognitive processing, our job evaluation, job classification, and market comparison method takes cognitive psychology as a basis for job architecture design and market study.

We apply the theory of adult cognitive development as required by jobs. We use attributes that measure a job's requirements for cognition and use our findings to define a job's level of complexity.

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Compensation Philosophy Development

Whenever we are called in to assist in the articulation, development, and eventual documentation of institutionalized compensation philosophy the very first step that we take is to study all the institutional literature already afforded to us — both publicly and internally. We first attempt to make sense of current compensation reality and the strategic priorities as stated publicly by clients. PGN HR's compensation philosophy development solution encompass multiple dimensions of strategic pay, which includes the identification and definition of labor market, identification of "hard-to-fill" jobs, current condition under which pay is compared externally, and compression issues.

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Organizational Analysis

There are a number of value creation measures which in all of their glory come with economic margin. The fundamental concept that underscores such measures is easy to understand. In the case of a private organization, a company cannot generate value unless the expenditures are significantly less than net profit, whereas in the case of a government institution its expenditures must be lower or close to its net revenues.

In both cases, encouraging value creation through effective organizational structure with roles, objectives, missions, performance measures, and rewards is one of the determinants of value being created. Successful human capital strategies are those that take into account external influences while keeping tab of resource availability internally.

Our due diligence work that encompass organizational analysis begins reviewing the organization's strategic objectives, short and long-term goals, and its vision.

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Compensation Study

Our work begins with defining labor markets. We develop client-specific labor markets according to parameters and criteria that are fair, consensus-driven, and supported by the largest coalition in every organization (the employees.)

Once labor markets are defined, we analyze jobs based on the job’s complexity threshold then determine the appropriate levels of academic background, experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities to build job architectures.

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MBTI Personality Type Assessment

The character of the organization is its personality. Its personality is manifested by its culture. Every team, every group, every task force created for specific organizational mission is dictated by the organization's culture — which, eventually accepts or rejects all outcomes. PGN HR possesses a large inventory of personality types through years of research involving hundreds of companies throughout the world. We provide personality type assessment using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the purpose of hiring candidates that best fit the organization's culture. Our system also provides insights into the personality of employees prior to project team inclusion.

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Internal Equity Analysis

We analyze and describe all the parameters that lead to internal equity concerns. Because certain business circumstances such as, “Pay Freeze” due to budget cuts, does affect internal equity and can render salary structures ineffective, we find it to be critical to use certain tools, and apply certain rules, in reviewing internal equity.

We analyze pay between employees of similar job classification, current pay step, years of experience, highest academic achievement, and current salaries. In quantifying equity or inequity, we use industry best practice statistical measures that included:

  • Individual Comparative Ratio against the midpoint of the department, and the midpoint of the job classification
  • Range Penetration Percentage of an employee’s salary against his or her job classification’s pay range
  • Compounded Salary Growth Rate to express the annual percentage by which an individual employee’s salary increases.

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The training interventions that we provide range from basic office application tools, to team building, to compensation related training. We typically customize our curriculum according to the developmental needs of employees and the strategic objectives of the client's organization.

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"Dan, Thank you for your kind words. Of course it takes a great team to accomplish all we have and you and Elena have been a very important part of the team. Thanks!"

- Bruce Leslie, Former Chancellor, Alamo Colleges

Dan and Elena helped us move from a County Department to a Regional Transit Authority serving 3 cities, 2 counties and 1 State University. The job required an ability to understand regional issues and the ability to complete extremely detailed work. Dan and Elena are excellent communicators, Their ability to partner with our organization at all levels was paramount to our success.

-Jeff Meilbeck, Former General Manager, NAIPTA

Working with Elena and Dan for the prior year plus was a most rewarding and your firm's Survey Report and insights included therein provide readers and users as good a grounding as any similar effort I have seen for community colleges…great work! I also know of your passion for doing good work and it shows.

-James McLaughlin, Former Vice President, Alamo Colleges